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Grampians Chalets

Grampians Chalets

If you’re looking for a spectacular vacation spot in Victoria, then the Grampians is a stand out choice. With its magnificent mountain ranges, picturesque gardens and diverse wildlife, the Grampians offers a calm and tranquil setting with plenty of activities to see and do.

If you are looking for something a little more luxurious for your accommodation whilst in the Grampians, why not book a chalet, right in the heart of the beautiful Grampians region.

Grampians Chalets Accommodation Halls Gap, Victoria

Enjoy the features of a private chalet which offer separate bedrooms, kitchens, air conditioning, spa/jacuzzi; all whilst nestled amongst the mountain ranges which offer complete privacy.

Many of the quaint chalets are near the Grampians National Park and lakeside attractions, so guests opting to stay here can enjoy a relaxing evening from the deck of their room whilst indulging in the beauty of the Grampians and its various attractions.

Explore the area’s abundant wildlife by taking a walking tours to the Grampians National Park. Or, take a stroll across the quiet streets of Halls Gap which housing many popular restaurants.

Guests with families and small children will also find renting a private chalet suitable, as there are usually a number of private rooms, a kitchen, dining area and laundry facilities. Some chalets are also pet friendly, so check directly with the provider for their pet policy. Some of the chalets also offer master bathrooms with spa facilities and private swimming pool. Cable TV connection and Wi-Fi internet are also available at most of the chalets.

In addition to all these facilities, the chalets also allow you to cook your own food and spend a quiet night in. This is another great reason to bring your kids to the Grampians, put them to bed early and enjoy a glass of local wine out on your deck or in your private spa.

So if you are looking for a truly relaxing weekend away with your loved ones, then book a private chalet to make your stay a comfortable and enjoyable one.

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