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Grampians Retreats

Grampians Retreats

Indulge in a lavish setting and serene atmosphere within one of the luxurious Grampians Retreats. Located near all of the scenic Grampians attractions, these retreats are perfect for anyone who wishes to experience a luxurious weekend away.

Most of the Grampians Retreats are secluded properties, set in the rugged mountainous area of the beautiful Grampians region. With so many accommodation choices to choose from, you will certainly find something to suit your taste.

Grampians Retreat Accommodation Halls Gap, Victoria

Facilities at the Grampians retreats include luxurious rooms with king-size beds, plush chaise lounges, self-contained kitchens, dining rooms, bathrooms with double-sized showers and outdoor BBQ facilities. Many of the cabins/houses will also have outdoor balconies or verandas where you can while away the hours whilst taking in the beautiful scenery.

A number of luxurious self-contained retreats also offer conference and party facilities. So for those looking to host a function such as a wedding, engagement, birthday or work function, should check out these venues.

After spending a fun-filled day exploring the Grampians, come back to your room and enjoy BBQ with your entire family within your private retreat.

Some of the Grampians retreats also host specialised school camps in Summer and Spring. Also, these venues also host a number of team building activities for corporate employees. Visitors to the Grampians should check out the various tour packages offered at many of retreats.

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