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Anzac Centenary Bridge

The Anzac Centenary Bridge is a magnificent work of engineering located in Horsham, Victoria.

This unique and modern structure has won awards, but most importantly it caters to the local communities who now rely on the bridge to cross the river – particularly school children.

Anzac Centenary Bridge, History & Location, Wimmera River, Horsham VIC

The bridge is located in a scenic, peaceful area home to ducks, birds, water hens, and gum trees. It’s also dog-friendly, so visitors can take a stroll along with their pets.

Near the bridge are water fountains and barbecue facilities as well. It provides a convenient way of getting around on foot, but it’s also a great way to take in views of the Wimmera River.

The Anzac Centenary Bridge was completed by a team of engineering and operations specialists from the Horsham Rural City Council, with some help from Wimmera contractors.

Although it serves an important purpose for pedestrians, it was actually erected as a monument, honouring the people of the Horsham district who made sacrifices during World War I.

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