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Boronia Peak

Boronia Peak

With numerous cliffs, peaks and lookouts, the majestic Grampians Ranges is truly a paradise for rock climbers. Whether or not you love adventurous activities, at the Grampians you will certainly want to do something that gets your adrenaline pumping.

Visitors looking for a wonderful lookout can visit the famous Boronia Peak.

Boronia Peak Villas & Walk Trail Map, Halls Gap

A number of rock-climbing enthusiasts come to Boronia Peak to enjoy the gorgeous views of this region. However, visitors need to take the stony pathways and climb the mountain to reach the peak. First-time climbers may find it little difficult to climb the rocky pathways as the grade is marked as moderate.

Guests with children can also come here for an adventurous hiking experience. However, children will need to be supervised at all times as there are some sloping rock walls and cliff edges. You can also take guided tours and enjoy a scenic walk along the rocky pathways. Facilities at the base of the peak include an on-site car parking area across the footbridge of Fyans Creek.

Rock climbers will certainly enjoy their trekking experience across the Mount William Range near the scenic peak.

Travellers with an interest in holidaying at a tranquil town should choose any of the scenic townships located within the Grampians region. With an array of economic to luxurious accommodation options, the region caters to the lodging needs of all visitors.

Don’t miss a tour to the scenic summits to enjoy the best panoramic views of the mountain ranges, charming lakes and surrounding lush forested areas.

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