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Bryan Swamp Wildlife Reserve

Bryan Swamp Wildlife Reserve

Established in 1983 and amassing 727 hectares, the Bryan Swamp Wildlife Reserve is a game reserve south of the Grampians, in Western Victoria. The park is renowned for its natural features and the old age of its trees, specifically Red Gums.

In November 2006, the wildlife reserve was damaged by a fire and around one hundred trees were damaged. It looked as if they’d have to be cut down, however the CFA and DSE managed to save each one and they’re still standing today.

Bryan Swamp Wildlife Reserve – Grampians, Victoria

Due to its swamp-like nature, the reserve is prone to being wet and muddy, so visitors should wear appropriate clothing footwear throughout their visit.

It’s a great place to spot abundant wildlife and enjoy a breath of fresh air. Remember to stay safe in the Australian sun by packing hats, sun lotion and plenty of water to combat the heat. Take along a picnic and stop to refuel as you take in the reserve’s scenery and clean air.

Budding photographers, will be delighted with the swamp’s photo opportunities, with many locals visiting throughout the year to get unique shots of nature, game and birds.

Similarly, birdwatchers will be thrilled with the species local to the reserve and the area has previously been featured in the “Bird Observers’ Guide To South West Victoria”.

Australia’s National Parks are stunning areas of lush foliage and greenery and Bryan Swamp Wildlife Reserve will prove to be a great stop during your trip to Victoria.

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