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Victoria Valley

Victoria Valley

Cocooned between the Serra and Victoria Mountain ranges, Victoria Valley is an inviting area with multitude of amusement choices for visitors.

Victoria Valley, with its breathtaking scenery of farm lands, rock pools, peaks and waterways, boasts a one-of-a-kind setting perfect for vacationers, honeymooners and day-trippers.

Victoria Valley, Victoria Mountain Ranges

Walk through the unique scrub lands full of trees, fern gullies, native wild flowering plants and grasses whilst exploring the area’s abundant wildlife in their natural habitat. If you are lucky, you may catch a glimpse of kangaroos grazing at the grasslands within this gorgeous region.

The township of Victoria Valley is also home to a number of breathtaking viewing platforms. Visitors with an interest in hiking and rock climbing can take the mountain climbing trails to reach the peak and enjoy the outstanding views of the region and its surroundings. Please note that many of the climbing tracks in this area are moderate to difficult, so will suit those with a higher fitness level.

Unquestionably, the striking views of the craggy mountains and nearby forests will leave you spell-bound. Explore the region’s best scenic views from the highest lookouts in the region.

Victoria Valley also houses a wildlife sanctuary along the extensive woodlands of the Serra Ranges. A few kilometres from the town, you will find the popular Silverband Falls. Visitors can picnic, swim and enjoy sightseeing tours while visiting the scenic waterfalls in this area.

Common tourist activities include sightseeing, scenic tours, bushwalking, hiking and rock climbing. In addition, there are a couple of museums and art galleries in this region.

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