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Cool Chamber

Cool Chamber

The Cool Chamber is a low cavern what you will encounter during the walk from the Wonderland Carpark to The Pinnacle.

During the warmer summer months, this spot provides visitors with a cool area to rest in – there are even stone seats in the cave.

Cool Chamber, The Pinnacle Track Loop, Grampians National Park VIC

When there are some rain, a small creek flows in the chamber, and it’s quite a delightful sight to see the water dripping from the ceiling as it creates a curtain.

The chamber is accessible from two starting points: the Wonderland Carpark and the Sundial Carpark. From the Wonderland Carpark, it’s 800 meters one-way and of moderate difficulty. The Cool Chamber also makes up part of the trek to The Pinnacle, and you can pass through the Grand Canyon as you make your way here.

From the Sundial Carpark, it’s 3.3 kilometres one way with moderate or hard difficulty. After passing The Pinnacle, continue as you head to the Wonderland Carpark. After Silent Street and the Bridal Veil Falls, you’ll eventually see the Cool Chamber. Once you get here, you have the option of heading back or continuing 800 meters past Cool Chamber to the Grand Canyon where you end up at Wonderland Carpark.

Stoney Creek Group Campground and Borough Huts Campground are nearby; it’s ideal to camp a night or two especially if you want to spend more time exploring the area. Since there are many popular bushwalking trails within the Grampians, it’s recommended to check them out as there’s something for everyone.

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