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Bridal Veil Falls

Bridal Veil Falls

Bridal Veil Falls, nestled towards the eastern region of the Grampians, is a charming day-trip destination where activities such as hiking, picnicking and sightseeing, are well-enjoyed.

The landscape encompassing the park and falls area includes a number of scenic attractions, rounded hill ranges, lush valleys and many walking tracks across the mountain and lake areas.

At the lake, you can enjoy canoeing, swimming and a number of other fun-filled activities along with your loved ones.

Bridal Veil Falls, Halls Gap, Grampians, Victoria

Scenic walking tours across the pathways near the falls are also quite popular among tourists. Whether you intend to explore the wildlife or rock climb to the peak to enjoy the panoramas, Bridal Veil Falls will surely have something that interests and suits your needs.

The scenery of the huge Bridal Veil Falls always fascinates onlookers; the view of the waterfall tumbling upon the smooth rock from 60 metres of height creates a white veil-like scene. Hence, the waterfall carries the name of Bridal Veil.

Nearby scenic townships include the historic town of Dunkeld. With two picturesque areas of Mount Sturgeon and Mount Abrupt, the township offers a number of amazing bush and mountain walk options for guests. Whether or not you are an adventure seeker, you will certainly enjoy this thrilling activity across this enchanting setting.

The hill ranges in this area boast an array of spectacular rock formations, including some lookouts and rock pools. You will see a number of undulating pathways in this area of the Grampians.

Families, couples and singles will certainly love to indulge in this oasis, boasting a tranquil setting with many things to see, do and experience. For those interested in visiting a historic site can take a tour to the Historical Society Museum and a few other landmarks offering detailed information on rock arts and Aboriginal artworks.

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