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Davis Park

Davis Park

Davis Park is the primary outdoor sporting venue in Nhill – home to the Nhill and District Sporting Club, which is maintained by the Hindmarsh Shire Council.

The facilities in the park are basic, yet it has precisely what sports players need.

Davis Park, Cricket Pitch, Hockey & Football Field, Netball Courts, Nhill

The Nhill and District Sporting Club is made up of other sporting teams, which include the Nhill Netball Club, Nhill and District Football Club, Nhill Blue Cricket Club, Nhill Hockey Club, and a soccer club. Overall, the club encompasses a total of five sports teams, including football, cricket, netball, soccer, and hockey.

The grandstand was demolished, but the fields are in good condition. If you are in town, check out the schedule of sports events to catch a game or two.

After visiting Davis Park, there are other attractions nearby. These include a shopping area, parks, churches, horse racing venues, pubs, hotels, motels, a caravan park, and showground, among others.

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