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Dock Lake

Dock Lake

Dock Lake is a scenic freshwater lake located southeast of Horsham.

It’s surrounded by picturesque farmlands, and has a sandy bottom, making it ideal for fishing.

Dock Lake, Recreation Reserve, Football Field & Tennis, Horsham VIC

Some of the fish that thrive here include redfin, tench, and trout. Visitors are free to take their boats out, but because of the shallow and soft sandy bottom, it requires care and effort.

The lake has long been a favourite destination among angling enthusiasts and promises hours of fun fishing. Be sure to read up on local fishing regulations, and take only enough fish that you need.

Birdwatching is another popular activity in Dock Lake. When it’s holding water, some of the species you’ll find here include the Brown Quail, as well as the Golden-headed Cisticola – particularly amongst the grass of the lake bed. Be mindful of responsible birdwatching and never approach them or their habitats too closely. Birdwatchers are advised to be quiet and slow, and appreciate them from a distance. Avoid staying for too long since visitors can cause predators nearby to locate bird eggs or drive away parents.

If you have some more time to explore the nearby area after fishing or birdwatching, there is lots to discover. The town of Horsham is rich in cultural and heritage attractions. Don’t miss the Public Art and Heritage Trail where you can learn about the town’s historical sights – particularly their captivating art.

Other attractions to visit include the Anzac Centenary Swing Walk Bridge, Horsham Walking Tracks, Horsham Botanic Gardens, Horsham Regional Art Gallery, and so much more.

A visit to Dock Lake and its surrounding areas are a great way to immerse in nature and art.

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