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Grampians Estate

Grampians Estate

The Grampians Estate was started two decades ago by two enthusiastic winemakers and entrepreneurs. Gradually, the estate has emerged as one of the premier winemakers in the entire region. Today, the estate is what Sarah and Tom Guthrie call a classic urban winemaking facility; classic because they still follow the historic winemaking traditions and urban because they have ultra-modern machinery at their cellar door.

Visitors from all across the state often come here for a boutique winery tour and tasting.

Grampians Estate Cellar Door, Grampians Winery, Victoria

After twenty years in the winemaking business, both Sarah and Tom have been able to establish their home brand as a popular and reputed wine brand in the market. It was 1989 when they decided to plant their first vine on their property.

Due to the winery’s location and year-round cool climate, they are able to produce some high-quality grapes. The winery is famous for its wide array of sparkling wines and elegant Shiraz, with some of these wine blends receiving a number of prestigious awards.

In fact, some of their wines have been given a ‘5-star’ rating from the famous wine critic James Halliday. All in all, the winery has received 30 trophies for their excellent table wines since their first vintage. Apart from Shiraz and sparkling varieties, the winery is also renowned for its famous Riesling wines.

Those coming to the Grampians Estate for a wine tasting and tour can also enjoy some scrumptious cheese platters and homemade tasty treats.

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