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Penshurst Cup

Penshurst Cup

The Penshurst Cup on Boxing Day is an exciting horse race that takes place on the busiest day of the Victorian country racing calendar.

It is hosted by the Penshurst and District Racing Club; established in the 1800s and one of the oldest, most prestigious racing clubs in the region.

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Patrons get to soak up scenic views during the race and enjoy all the best elements of country racing.

Most of the racecourse is 15 meters wide and features a clay loam type of soil. This is as authentic as grassroots country racing gets, so if this is something you’d like to experience in Victoria, the Penshurst Cup is not to be missed.

Penshurst is also an easy drive not too far from the coast, so it’s an excellent opportunity to take your family and friends along for a truly iconic race experience right after Christmas.

Aside from the races, there will be several exciting attractions on-site for everyone; including sports activities and a sandpit for the kids, gift bag giveaways, a fashion show, and live music.

The races take place at the Penshurst Racecourse in Penshurst, Victoria.

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