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Mount Rouse

Mount Rouse

Mount Rouse is an extinct volcano that lies in the charming town of Penshurst, just twenty minutes south-east from Hamilton.

The mountain rises 100 metres into the air and is an iconic landmark in the region.

Mount Rouse, Penshurst Volcano Summit Walk, Grampians Victoria

Geographically, the mountain is made up of brown scoria within which lava flowed occurred. The result is a distinct crater with a small lake, one that continues to attract visitors all year round. The main cone and crater are accessible by the general public, but there are two other sites on the eastern and southern regions of the mountain which are privately owned and not accessible to the public.

Away from the lava flows that lead from Mount Rouse, there are a number of sloping river courses that extend as far as 60 kilometres away. These provide a picturesque setting to enjoy the mountain’s natural surroundings. The mountain’s peak is a vantage location for panoramic views of the entire lava plain and the region around it. You can drive almost all the way to the summit and then climb the last few steps to the top to be rewarded with far-reaching views.

Make sure you visit the dry Crater Lake region and take a moment or two to appreciate the beautiful landscape. In addition to the scenic views, other amenities available at Mount Rouse include picnic tables, toilet facilities as well as ample car parking at the base of the mountain.

So come and visit Mount Rouse and Penshurst the next time you are visiting the beautiful Grampians region.

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