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Penshurst is a popular town in Victoria, and an attraction in its own right, thanks to its rich heritage and stunning natural attractions. The town’s location at the foot of the iconic Mount Rouse makes for an unique landscape with many attractions.

Penshurst, Caravan Park, Hotel & Motel Accommodation, Victoria

Penshurst was first settled in the mid-19th century, with the post office opening in 1857. Walking down the town’s main street feels like walking back in time to the period when the first squatters called this town home.

Quite like many of Victoria’s early towns, the settlers in Penshurst left an indelible impact on Melbourne’s style and character as bluestone from Penshurst was quarried and taken to Melbourne. You can see this bluestone in the State Parliament and Treasury Buildings.

One of the best ways to enjoy and walk back in time while at Penshurst is to take a hike up the iconic Mount Rouse. Soak in the natural beauty of the basalt stones that dot the extinct volcano mountain. Locally referred to as the stony rises, or the breached barriers, these amazing natural features are a wonder to behold. Romantics will especially enjoy the sunrises and sunsets at the peak of the mountain before taking the crater walk down.

The Penshurst Volcanoes Discovery Centre is also worth visiting. This is an interpretive and tourist information centre that provides an excellent display of volcanoes with audio-visual capacity for an interactive learning session.

One of the key features in the town is the caravan park which is popular for families. Its amenities include picnic facilities, BBQ, powered sites for caravan accommodation as well as a bowling club and swimming pool.

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