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Mount Zero

Mount Zero

Located close to the quaint township of Horsham, the picturesque Mount Zero is a peak perfect for hikers, mountain climbers and day trippers. With a height of 573 feet above sea level, Mount Zero is a challenging rock climbing site in the Grampians.

Visitors interested in hiking Mount Zero can enjoy bushwalking through the scenic walking tracks dotted around the mountain as it offers a number of picturesque pathways.

Mount Zero Cabins & Olive Grove

Visitors to the Grampians with an interest in climbing Mount Zero should also check out the nearby peaks of Mount William, Mount Thackeray, Mount Difficult and Concongella Hill as they are also popular spots for hiking and climbing.

While touring Mount Zero, visitors should also check out the nearby scenic areas of Navarre Hill and Mount Bolangum which have beautiful lookouts and walking tracks.

With a favourable climate, the Grampians is perfect environment for olive plantations, therefore the area boasts a number of olive groves which house over 6,000 trees. The Mount Zero olive grove produces a huge number of olive-based products, including biodynamic oils, olive oils and red wine vinegar. All of these items are available for purchase at a number of retailers throughout the Grampians and Melbourne regions.

If you want to stay near to Mount Zero, then you should book one of the large log cabins which are located nearby. They are cosy, comfortable and self-contained. By brining your own food, linen and toiletries, the cabins offer great value for money.

Apart from the charming olive groves, the region of Mount Zero is also renowned for its many sheep stations and orchards. Visit one of the many sheep stations and check out the varied sheep shearing methods while taking a tour across the historic establishments of the Grampians. Visitors can also take a tour to the local farms and buy some fresh berries and dairy products in the area.

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