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Penshurst Botanic Gardens
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Penshurst Botanic Gardens

The Penhurst Botanic Gardens are a stunning attraction that opened its doors in 1995. It’s best known for naturally creating wetlands because of its permanent spring, giving visitors the incredible feeling of being in nature.

Located right in the heart of Penshurst, the gardens revolved around a ‘never-failing spring and consist of a natural wetland that was developed into one of the most beautiful botanic gardens in the region.

Penshurst Botanic Gardens, Grampians Picnic Grounds & Swimming Pool

The 13-acre gardens feature narrow gateways that form around a lake, where a gazebo is perched on the water’s edge. From the gazebo, visitors are treated to spectacular views of the Grampians and much more.

Swamp cypress has been thoughtfully planted around the lake, which forms a beautiful canopy over the path. The Penhurst Botanic Gardens are also home to an impressive collection of plants and flowers hailing from different parts of Australia, Europe, America, and Asia.

Certainly the perfect place for nature lovers, the gardens boast an impressive collection of native plants across the wetlands. Australian plantings account for 15% of all the plants across the gardens, certainly an elaborate conservation plan that doubles up as a useful public space.

The gardens’ facilities include toilets, car and bus parking, picnic amenities, a kids’ playground, bowling green, and a swimming pool. A sure favourite of nature lovers, the garden’s elaborate conservation plan also functions as a tranquil public space with facilities that both young and old can enjoy.

There is also a caravan park located within the park which offers pet-friendly powered sites with laundry facilities and easy access to the public swimming pool.

So if you are looking for a great place to relax during your visit to Penshurst, make sure to stop by the Botanic Gardens.

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