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Pink Lake

Pink Lake

Pink Lake (Loch Iel Reserve) is a surreal natural attraction located 7km away from Dimboola. Its claim to fame is its beautiful pink colour, created by a pigment produced by microscopic algae.

This one-of-a-kind salt lake is one of Dimboola’s most popular, and for good reason.

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During some parts of the year, the shades of pink may be more intense than others. But when the lake is dry, there is more light being reflected from white crystallized salts, which diffuse the intensity of its pink colour.

In the past, this magical-looking lake wasn’t known for just its beauty; some time ago, locals were commercially harvesting salt from the lake. In fact, there are still some ancient relics visible by the lake’s edge. There are still a few salt makers who harvest salt from the lake in present-day and sell them in small artisan shops in Victoria.

Getting to Pink Lake is easy; it’s located right next to the Western Highway. Next to the highway is a rest stop and Loch Iel Reserve, from where you can easily take in views of the lake. Alternatively, visitors can also make a short trek to the edge of the lake from the rest stop.

Facilities such as picnic seating, shelters and toilets can be found by the car park. The lookout point is equipped with tables; from here you can enjoy panoramic views of Pink lake.

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