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Queen Mary Gardens

Queen Mary Gardens

In line with government guidelines to reduce Coronavirus (COVID-19) risk, all playgrounds, skate parks, BBQs, picnic tables and picnic areas and outdoor gym equipment are closed until further notice

Queen Mary Gardens is a stunning landscaped garden tucked into the old gold mining town of St Arnaud.

Built in the late 19th century, the gardens have since been well-maintained, making it a gem for the local community as well as tourists.

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The garden was the result of cooperation between Thomson Hay Landscape Architects, the Northern Grampians Shire Council Officers and the Queen Mary Gardens Committee.

It was once a bowling green site, but because of their efforts, the gardens today are now equipped with shelters, paths, seating, feature trees, planted trees, and open lawns.

In 2014, the gardens underwent an expansion. The Queen Mary Gardens has since been enhanced with the presence of picnic seating, entry arbour, garden irrigation, and concrete edging for the gravel paths.

It’s a great destination for families and friends, especially on a warm day. The large beautiful trees provide shade during the summer.

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