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St Arnaud

St. Arnaud is a beautiful country town nestled between Avoca and Donald along the Sunraysia Highway.

Though primarily a service district focused on farming, wine production, and merino wool, this town is known for its stunning streetscapes that feature old pubs and charming homes with verandas and cast-iron accents.

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Europeans first settled in the area in 1838, when the Tottington sheep station was established. A few years later, other pastoralists set up farms here for breeding. Just two kilometres away from town, gold was discovered in 1855, which spawned the gold rush of the area known as the “New Bendigo diggings”.

Today, visitors come to St Arnaud for relaxation and lots of sightseeing. If you feel like lazing around, visit one of the local pubs for a delicious meal paired with beer or wine.

Napier Street, the main road of the township, is long and narrow but lined with majestic trees. Take a leisurely stroll to find red-brick homes hailing from the gold rush era; especially those along the Historic Precinct. Special grants have helped restore these historical buildings and make it one of the most beautiful this side of the country.

The first fire station in Victoria is found at the intersection of Napier and Inkerman. Some of the fascinating attractions found here include an authentic hand-pulled ladder cart and the turncock’s home.

The Queen Mary Gardens and Pioneer Park are highly recommended for their relaxing manicured lawns and the cast-iron lace verandas. You might even get a glimpse of wildlife among the vibrant wildflowers before heading south to Teddington Reservoir for camping or fishing.

Take a drive to the St Arnaud National Park, where there are several walking and four-wheel drive trails for exploration. If you happen to be in town during November, don’t miss the yearly St Arnaud Festival, which paints the entire town alive with parades and floats.

If you are looking for a place to stay in town, there are quite a few accommodation options available, which include a caravan park, hotels, motels and apartments.

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