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Sawyer Park

Sawyer Park

Sawyer Park is a lush green recreational area located right next to by the Wimmera River.

Frequented by families and visitors looking for a tranquil place to relax, the park is equipped with amenities for a comfortable day out for all.

Sawyer Park, Soundshell, Picnic, BBQ Area & War Memorial, Horsham VIC

Table and picnic areas are available for those keen on having a picnic. There is also structural, as well as natural shade, so no need to worry about those hot summer days.

Public toilets are located in the parking area by the river. Aside from outdoor and picnic amenities, Sawyer Park features a tribute dedicated to returned servicemen and women. During certain times of the year, celebrations and special events are held at the Soundshell; a venue found on one of the park’s ends.

For visitors who want to explore Horsham, staying at one of the accommodation options near Sawyer Park is highly recommended. There are motels, vacation rentals, and hotels near the park that are all affordable.

Sawyer Park is located at Hocking Street in Horsham.

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