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St Joseph’s Church

St Joseph’s Church

St Joseph’s Church was the second Catholic Church to be built in Coleraine.

Located south of the Whyte and Read Streets’ intersection, the church complex area covers around 3/4 of a hectare.

St Joseph’s Church Catholic Parish & Mass Times, Coleraine VIC

The original church and buildings were first constructed back in the 1860s, though it was located on the corner of Church and Winter streets. By 1849, the congregation was already active; the brick church followed in 1860 which was also used as a school. In 1924, a presbytery was constructed, followed by a weatherboard convent.

The current St Joseph’s Church was built in 1889, reflecting a Gothic revival style featuring cement and red bricks. The church was designed by Merino’s H. Kohn, and construction was overseen by George Rowe with the help of local tradespeople.

St Joseph’s Church and the numerous historically significant aspects found in the complex are important to the town of Coleraine because it is a reflection of the growth of Catholicism.

Additionally, the complex is socially significant because it speaks of the time when Catholics first settled into the area back in the mid-19th century.

Architecturally speaking, the Gothic revival style expresses the true religious values of the churchgoers, as well as its beautiful memorials.

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1st Sunday: 9am (Lay Assembly)
2nd Sunday: 9am (Mass)
3rd Sunday: 9am (Mass)
4th Sunday: 9am (Mass)
5th Sunday: 9am (Ecumenical Service)

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