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Coleraine is a small, but a historical town in the Southern Grampians Shire Council area.

With settlements in the area dating as far back as two centuries, it’s one of the oldest townships in all of Victoria. It has a fascinating history and enchanting scenery for visitors of all ages.

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A visit to Coleraine isn’t complete without stopping by the famous Glenelg Fine Chocolates shop. It’s open daily except for Sundays, and offers a tempting assortment of gift boxes and all kinds of delicious German chocolates, creams, truffles, and much more. Whether you love chocolates or are looking for some souvenirs, you’ll definitely find it at the Glenelg Fine Chocolate shop.

Another great point of interest is the Peter Francis Points Arboretum; a living museum of native Australian plants. There are more than 10,000 species of plants found here, including mature and young trees. It also houses the official Eucalypt collection of Australia. That makes the Peter Francis Points Arboretum one of the country’s most important plant collections.

Many botanists and researchers also make their way here because of the wealth of information available. The Peter Francis Points Arboretum also has several walking trails for visitors keen to explore the area. It’s also got a picturesque spot for picnics.

Not too far from Coleraine is the Merino Old Stock Route Walking Trail; the ideal destination for exploring on foot. Discover Merino, an area nestled on the undulating hills along the Old Bullock Track located north of Portland. The starting point of the trails is at the Drover’s Nightmare sculpture, and the rest of the tracks will take you through many historical sites

If you are looking for a place to stay, there are several hotels available in town, or there is quite a lot of accommodation over in Hamilton.

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