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Teddington Reservoir

Teddington Reservoir

The Teddington Reservoir is a popular campsite in Stuart Mill. Visitors of all ages come to enjoy the spectacular, picturesque environment that is ideal for lots of outdoor activities; including bushwalking, fishing, boating and camping.

The area has become increasingly popular for cycling as well; there are several tracks that allow you to explore the site on two wheels.

Teddington Reservoir, Fishing, Camping Area & Boating, Stuart Mill VIC

The lush vegetation and landscapes are particularly beautiful, and home to various wildlife. If you come to cycle, don’t forget to check out the eastern area of the park, and drop by the Teddington Hut. Visitors are allowed to stay within the hut for free, though advanced bookings are necessary.

Skinks are particularly common in the area; these are little lizards that tend to scurry along the ground. They are harmless, so there is no need to worry. Large Lace Monitor lizards are occasionally seen; these are bigger ground-dwelling reptiles that run towards trees when they are disturbed. Avoid removing wood and timber when you see them because these serve as homes for lizards and the many other species that thrive here.

Whether you’re interested in bushwalking, camping, cycling, or just taking in the outdoors, the reservoir is ideal for visiting throughout the year. Amenities found within the area include picnic tables and chairs, wood-fired barbecues, walking paths, toilets, shades, information signs, and climbing logs.

The Teddington Reservoir is open for everyone, though it’s important to take note of some rules. Keep in mind that all geological features, archaeological sites, and plants and animals found here are legally protected. Pets, including dogs, are not allowed within the reservoir. All vehicles and motorbikes are only permitted on open roads.

The reservoir is easily accessible from Stuart Mill; just drive into Teddington Road for 7km until you reach the campsite. The road that takes you into the campgrounds features a small gravel road area, though it’s still accessible on a caravan or 2-wheel drive.

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