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Stuart Mill

Stuart Mill

Stuart Mill is a tranquil destination in the Strathfillan Valley. It’s often used as a stopover on the Sunraysia Highway and is a great place for travellers to unwind with Pyrenees wine or a coffee.

What makes it truly charming though, is the fact that it still has strong links with its gold rush days of the past; evident in the numerous mining relics found in the area.

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Coincidentally, Albert Town was the first name of the settlement, before it was found out that an Alberton already existed in Gippsland.

The first gold rush dates back to 1861 when alluvial gold was discovered, with the second gold rush occurring in 1868. Stuart Mill was the site of a vibrant gold digger community, which ceased operations in the 1870s, resulting in the town reverting back to agriculture.

Aside from enjoying terrific local food and drink, visitors will also be treated to incredible history and heritage attractions throughout town. It’s highly recommended to stop by for a few hours on the way to the Kara Kara National Park through the Teddington Reservoir; known for excellent camping and picnicking.

If you are looking for a place to stay, you can consider camping nearby, or there are a number of accommodation options available in St Arnaud.

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