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The Picaninny

The Picaninny is a popular walking track located in the southern region of The Grampians, not too far from the Dunkeld township. The track is best known for its stunning views of the town and another iconic natural attraction, the majestic Mount Abrupt.

The Picaninny – Distance & Map of Walking Trail in the Grampians, Victoria

The track is categorised as a gradual climb which makes it perfect for both beginners and experienced outdoor enthusiasts. One of the highlights of this walk is the gentle climb that winds through the beautiful open forests with diverse flora.

In fact, the best time to visit The Picaninny is during spring when the wildflowers bloom to provide very beautiful views. If you are keen, you may also notice that the forest boasts an underlying layer of equally beautiful plant species. Look out for the Hakea shrubs whose attractive pink flowers develop in loose clusters. Grevilia, commonly known as the ‘spider flower’ is native to the region, and is easily identified by its fern-like foliage and unique flowers.

The Picaninny walk stretches for a total of 2.4 kilometres return and takes most people between 1-1.5 hours to complete the round trip. The track condition is good and this track is suitable for most ages and abilities as it has an easy grade. Start and finish your walk at the Picaninny car park.

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