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Mount Abrupt

Mount Abrupt

The mountain ranges of the Grampians house a number of small to large mountain ranges, sandstone cliffs, rock pools and summits. Some of the popular mountain ranges include Mount William, Mount Difficult and Mount Abrupt.

Located close to the Great Dividing Ranges, Mount Abrupt is a picturesque hill range perfect for adventurous and family-friendly activities. Visitors to this area can take pleasure in the various scenic attractions and adventurous activities that the region has to offer.

Mt Abrupt Walks, Hikes & Climbing Dunkeld, Victoria

Mount Abrupt offers an array of scenic walks across the hilly regions and the lush forested areas. Bushwalking and mountain climbing are two popular activities enjoyed by tourists of all age groups. Whether you are a serious hiker, or just out for a weekend stroll, take one of the many hiking trails near Mount Abrupt to explore the region’s spectacular views.

Also, the Grampians abundant wildlife and birdlife attracts a number of nature lovers to this Mount Abrupt each year. Bring your kids along with you to view the various bird species in their natural habitat.

Other amazing attractions in this area are the various wild flowering plants. Visitors can take a tour across the parklands and scenic mountain ranges to enjoy the vibrant views of the various native wild flowering plants. Spring is the best time to see the fresh blooms within the foothills of Mount Abrupt.

Serious hikers and rock climbing enthusiasts should definitely try one of the various adventurous walks here. Walk through the native bushlands and enjoy the gorgeous views of the region while climbing to the peak for the best panoramic views of the entire Grampians region.

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