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Wartook Gardens

Wartook Gardens

The Wartook Gardens are one of Australia’s finest examples of a native garden; home to over 1,000 different kinds of plants that include several rare varieties that you won’t find anywhere else.

Botany enthusiast or not, there’s no denying the charm and sheer beauty to be found at the gardens.

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Some of the most beautiful plants you’ll see here include the dampieras, calytrix, boronias, hakeas, roses, daffodils, and irises. among many others. It’s the best kind of assault on the senses; colours and fragrance are everywhere.

One of the major highlights of the garden are the exotic area and the boundary plantations. Birds, in particular, can be seen here all year round, as the plants and flowers provide food for them as well as many fascinating insects. There are around 110 bird species recorded here including parrots, rosellas, lorikeets, and scrub-wrens.

The large vegetable garden is where you’ll find several different types of produce in season, and during the warmer months, berries including boysenberries, black currants, and strawberries are abundant.

Jeanne and Royce Raleigh are responsible for the creation of the Wartook Gardens. What was once an open paddock has been transformed into a beautiful 5-acre award-winning garden thanks to their caring green thumb. Most of the plants found here were propagated by the Raleighs from seed, while others were grown from cuttings sourced over the course of many years.

Certain plants and flowers are also for sale. For visitors who would like to spend a night or more amidst all this beauty, it’s recommended to book at the Wartook Gardens Bed and Breakfast located on-site.

The Wartook Gardens are located at 2866 Northern Grampians Road in Wartook, Victoria. Please note that appointments are required to visit the gardens. The best time to visit is between the months of September through November.

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