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Wonderland Run

Wonderland Run

Wonderland Run is held annually in late August and is based in Halls Gap, Victoria. There are four major races held as part of this exciting event.

The longer 20km and 36km distances take in the major icons of the Wonderland Range such as the Grand Canyon, Silent Street and the Pinnacle. The shorter 2km and 8km distances are more beginner-friendly whilst giving a taste of the beauty of the Grampians region.

Wonderland Run Halls Gap Marathon 2022 Dates, Grampians Victoria

All events start from School Road, near Centennial Hall, which is the race hub for the weekend. On Saturday afternoon the 2km kicks off at 1pm, enabling people to drive out from Melbourne during the morning but still join in on the run if they so choose. The 8km race follows on at 2pm.

On Sunday morning, there will be a sense of anticipation as runners line up for the big races which commence at 6am. Here, 500 runners will test themselves on a 20km and 36km course against the arduous terrain of the surrounding ranges. There is also a new 60km run where you run back to town along with the Mount Difficult range and flows into the 36km course.

Due to the arduous nature of the runs, runners need to qualify by having run in other events. Generally speaking, if you have run a half marathon in the previous 12 months, you’re a good chance of being able to run on a Sunday. (Note that there are no pre-requisites for the shorter runs on Saturday).

Halls Gap is the ideal location for these races as it has plenty of accommodation located close to the start line and within easy reach. You’re constantly looking up at the beauty you’ll be running in as the township is nestled in the valley between two ranges. Being a small town, getting around is simple, quick and headache-free.

As for the landscape you’re running in? Intense! You’re in rock canyons. You’re on top of cliffs. You’re amongst the clouds. You’re in bushland valleys. It can’t be beaten.

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