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Wonderland Run

Wonderland Run

Wonderland Run is held annually in late August and is based in Halls Gap, Victoria. There are five major races held as part of this exciting event.

The Wonderland Run is now organised by Adelaide Trail Runners / Detour Sports.

Wonderland Run Halls Gap Marathon 2024 Dates, Grampians Victoria

For the 65km Run, at 5am buses set out to Troopers Creek Campground, Roses Gap for a 6am start. Run back to town along the Mount Difficult range and flow into the 36km course.

The 36km Run starts at 8am and shares a lot of the 20k course but gets the magic of Mount Rosea too.

The 20km run starts at 7am and sees major icons such as the Elephant’s Hide, Grand Canyon, and The Pinnacle and descends around Sundial Peak. Look at the elevation profile if you think this is just another half-marathon effort.

A flatter, shorter option is available with the 8km run at 2pm on Saturday. On the western side of Fyans Creek, you’ll be running on flat paths and trails. On the eastern side of the creek, you’ll experience undulating (ok, small bumps that some will call hills) terrain amidst the bushland of the Grampians National Park.

The 2km run is the flat-ish and shortest option at 1pm on Saturday. When it hits the bush, it’s a ‘flat-ish’ path with significant rocky sections.  Out to Venus Baths and back. It’s open to all ages, and prizes are available for kids. (Adults, please don’t win it)

PLEASE NOTE: Entry to the 65km, 36km and 20km events requires you to have demonstrated a certain level of endurance running achievement.

To enter the 20km, 36km, or 65km runs on Sunday, you must be 18+. There is no age restriction on the 2km or 8km runs on Saturday, but remember that it’s not a child-minding facility.  If your child needs supervision, then please enter and supervise them.
Anyone can enter the 2k(kids) race, but please don’t win it if you’re over 13 – winners of the kid’s race will be 13 or younger.

Halls Gap is ideal for these races as it has plenty of accommodation close to the start line and within easy reach. You’re constantly looking at the beauty you’ll be running in as the township is in the valley between two ranges. Being a small town, getting around is simple, quick and headache-free.

As for the landscape you’re running in? Intense! You’re in rock canyons. You’re on top of cliffs. You’re amongst the clouds. You’re in bushland valleys. It can’t be beaten.

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