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Buangor is a small town east of Ararat, most of which is located on undulating land. In 1840, the town saw its first pastoral settlement; specifically in the Mount Cole area by brothers Colin and Alexander Campbell.

The run was eventually divided between them, and Colin’s side was renamed Buangor.

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It is said that Buangor is named from an Aboriginal term referring to a pointed hill or granite mountain. After all, the majestic Mount Buangor is mostly made from granite. The township was initially surveyed in 1861, and a year after the first hotel was built in town. During the decades that followed, a stable, public hall, Catholic school, and railway line were built.

Just north of town is the Mount Buangor State Park; home to a small reservoir and a weir. This attraction has been famous among travellers as far back as the 19th century, as it’s known for its spectacular views and incredible rock formations. If you enjoy bushwalking and trekking, a trip to this park should not be missed. Several landscape varieties can be found here including waterfalls, creek flats, eucalyptus forests, and mountains among many others.

The park is also home to a 15km network of walking trails. Seasoned bushwalkers may be interested in taking the area of the Bukkertillible and Sugarloaf walks, which is steep and remote.

Mount Langi Ghiran is another popular attraction, located on Vine Road in Buangor. Stop over for some wine tasting; sip some wine while taking in the stunning panoramic views. The shiraz here is award-winning, so wine enthusiasts are recommended to drop by. The Langi Ghiran national park also offers free camping areas where travellers can relax or go on lovely walks.

If you are looking for a place to stay, there are quite many accommodation options available in Ararat.

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