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Mount Buangor State Park

Mount Buangor State Park

For outdoor enthusiasts looking for an excellent camping site in Victoria that offers great walking tracks and sightseeing opportunities, then look no further than Mount Buangor State Park.

Mount Buangor State Park offers a variety of beautiful landscapes for visitors including a forest full of eucalyptus trees and the breathtaking Ferntree Waterfalls.

Mount Buangor State Park, Camping, Ferntree Falls, VIC

Mount Buangor State Park has a well laid out 15km of walking tracks for hikers to experience the lush green forest atmosphere. By getting to the peak of Mount Buangor, hikers can enjoy the beautiful views of the surrounding forest region.

For hiking groups looking to set up their camping tent, Middle Creek offers a convenient location. Those with caravans can park their caravans in Middle Creek in one of the allotted bays. Middle creek has 30 camping sites as well as a range of facilities; including fire pits, toilets and picnic tables for its guests.

Another camping site available in Mount Buangor State Park is the Bailes camping area. Bailes camping area has the space to accommodate a maximum of five camping sites. So if you wish to camp at Bailes, first in best dressed.

Another camping site is Ferntree, suitable for tents only. Advance booking is required as there are only 5 sites available. There are fireplaces and picnic tables at this site and non-flushing toilets.

The following walking trails are available in the Mount Buangor State Park:
Waterfalls Nature Walk, 1km, 45min return (easy/moderate). Begins from Ferntree Visitor Area. Continue on 5 minutes from the waterfall to Cascade Falls.
Two Mile Circuit Walk, 2.9km, 1hr return (easy) from Bailes and 2.2km, 45min return from Ferntree Visitor Area.
Middle Creek Walk, 6.2km, 1.5hr return (easy). Begins from Middle Creek or Ferntree visitor areas.


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  • Hello. We are looking to camp near Ferntree Falls in late April. I think the campground closest is tents only? is this correct? we have a small camper trailer and wonder if there is bush camping facilities close to Ferntree Falls. Thank you.

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