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Glenorchy is a rural village town tucked away in Wimmera District within the Northern Grampians Shire, three hours from Melbourne.

The town is located just 25 kilometres north from Stawell and is accessible using the Western Highway as well as via limited V-Line trains on the Horsham Line.

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The town’s origins can be traced back to the opening of an iconic establishment popularly referred to as ‘Four Posts Inn’ in 1847. In just a couple of years, the establishment had expanded to incorporate a post office, a smithy as well as a store. The convenient location of ‘Four Posts Inn’ close to the crossing place on the Wimmera River allowed for its exponential growth in a few years. This eventually saw the hotel supplemented by others in the years that followed.

It is thought that the town’s name was inspired, in part, by the owner of The Four Posts Inn, who probably named the town after Glenorchy, a quaint town located in Scotland. The expansion of the inn saw the opening of schools in the region. This was closely followed by the laying of a railway line that led to a boom in the wheat industry. The railway eased transportation of wheat and opened up the town to bigger markets. A flour mill was also opened at around the same time, providing a connection with bigger mills located in Stawell.

Some of the amenities available in the town include a public community hall, a golf course as well as reticulated water sourced from Wimmera River. The town is also located close to a number of attractions. The Warra Warra Natural Features Reserve is one of the parks located close to the town, and best known for its biodiversity.

If you are looking for accommodation in or around Glenorchy, there are many options and Stawell and Halls Gap to the south, and Horsham to the north. Click the link below to explore the range of accommodation options in the region.

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