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Willaura is a picturesque country town near the township of Ararat in the Grampians. With a population of around 300, the town boasts a quaint community within a peaceful setting.

The major part of the town comprises of agricultural lands and the town’s economy primarily depends upon the agricultural products and fine wool producing industries. Although Willaura is not a popular tourist town, you will certainly love this serene setting if you are looking for a quiet spot to sit and relax.

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The opening of the railway in 1877 led to the naming of Wickliffe Road at the point where the road connecting Ararat and Wickliffe intersected. This saw the establishment of a hotel one year later. At the turn of the 20th century, the discovery of gold at Mount William in the south eastern part of the Grampians saw many miners relocate. This led to the development of a village along the road at around the same time a publication, the Willaura Farmer started circulating. This was around the time the town changed its name to Willaura.

In the years that followed, the town expanded to include a public hall, churches, stores and a hospital. Sports enthusiasts were not left behind as there were a number of sporting clubs on location, most notably a golf course and a horse racing track. Today, golfers enjoy a round of their favourite game at Willaura Golf Club.

A war memorial hall was constructed in 1957 to honour of the brave soldiers of the Second World War. This is a place of rich heritage, and certainly worth looking out for anyone interested in the town’s past. Presently, the town has an array of sports facilities located at the popular recreation reserve. The reserve lies in close proximity to the bush nursing centre. Other amenities include a hotel, a local supermarket, a bakery and other stores.

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