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Coleraine Racecourse

Coleraine Racecourse

The Coleraine Racecourse is a premier horseracing venue; just 350 kilometres west of Melbourne and 35 kilometres north-west of Hamilton.

It features numerous world-class features, especially for racers because of its sandy soil that slightly undulates with low points and high points.

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The racecourse, and the town itself, were named after a town of the same name, located in County Londonderry in Northern Ireland.

The Coleraine Cup is a yearly feature race which takes place here on a Sunday in August/September. It’s been going on since 1903 and is a family-friendly event that invites everyone to enjoy live entertainment for both kids and adults. Historical displays during the event pay tribute to the numerous racing milestones that have taken place here.

The racecourse straight itself also has a gentle and steady rise, which is the optimum conditions for racing. The track circumference is 2000 meters, while the home straight is 250 meters in length.

The Coleraine Racecourse is managed by the Coleraine Racing Club, who is best known for the oldest ongoing jumps race in the country called the Great Western Steeplechase, which was first run in 1858.

Other nearby racetracks include the Hamilton Racecourse, Edenhope Racecourse, and the Casterton Racecourse.

The Coleraine Racecourse is located at 16-Merino Coleraine Road in Coleraine, Victoria.

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