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Kara Kara National Park

Kara Kara National Park

The Kara Kara National Park is a stunning 13,990-hectare park just 190 kilometres away from Melbourne and located between St Arnaud and Moonambel; significant for its protection of last few box-ironbark forests in Victoria.

Much of the park has remained untouched and is a great place to explore the native vegetation that once covered much of the land here.

Kara Kara National Park, Camping, Walks, Gold Prospecting & Map, VIC

Most of the park is located within the Northern Grampians Shire, while the southern area of it spills into the Pyrenees Shire. Its topography features forested terrain, most of which are steep. This is how most of Central Victoria’s forests looked like before the gold rush. The rocky ridge tops provide bushwalkers and four-wheel drivers with terrific views.

The terrain of Kara Kara National Park makes it a hiking paradise, while the Upper Teddington Reservoir is an excellent spot for camping and picnics.

Not too far away is the Teddington Hut and Teddington Camping Area, both highly recommended as part of your visit to the park. The Teddington Hut was constructed in 1955 by the State Rivers and Works Commission, originally intended to serve as temporary accommodation for workers responsible for addressing erosion in the area. Today, the hut is used for camping since it’s now equipped with facilities including a picnic table, wood barbecue, and pit toilet.

The Upper Teddington Reserve is a scenic venue; also suitable for picnics and camping. Visitors should keep in mind that camping should only be done in the designated camping areas that are found some 40 meters away from the reservoir. Facilities in the Upper Teddington Reserve include picnic tables, wood barbecues, and flushing toilets. If you intend to go camping here, be sure to bring your firewood, water, and food.

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