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Langi Ghiran State Park

Langi Ghiran State Park

Langi Ghiran State Park is a popular attraction in Dobie, around 14kms from the town of Ararat.

The park’s name is derived from the name ‘Lar-ne-jeering’ which is a local word in the Djab Wurrung language and is translated to mean ‘the home of the black cockatoo’.

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The most distinct feature of the park are the spectacular rugged granite peaks that dot the park’s landscape. These peaks contrast sharply with the gentle slopes of the woodlands, providing a picturesque view of the park from different vantage points.

Take a slow walk to the mountain peak for a breathtaking view of the surrounding region. From the peak, it is also easy to see Mount Buangor whose majestic views at sunset are the highlight of any trip to Langi Ghiran State Park. There are two reservoirs within the park, both of which were built from granite blocks sourced locally at the turn of the 19th century. So important are these reservoirs that one of them constitutes a key part of the Ararat water supply system.

The state park is home to Langi Ghiran Picnic and Camping Area, and this affords visitors an excellent opportunity to extend their stay and spend the night under the sky. There are no booking fees for camping here and fires are permitted, but only in the designated fireplaces during non-fire ban periods.

There are also some peaceful walks that you can take here, the most popular being the easy Lar-ne-jeering Walk which covers 1.8kms (return) and takes around 30-40 minutes to complete.

Visitors should note that dogs and horses are not permitted in Langi Ghiran State Park, and mobile reception can be unreliable, so make sure you are equipped before you make the trip out here to stay.


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  • I have read that there is a gate across the Easter Creek Track in the Langi Ghiran state park . Apparently the Easter Creek Track is the best way to reach the summit of Mount Langi Ghiran. Am I allowed to walk through the gate, closing it behind me and continue on, while climbing the mountain? Or climb over the gate if it is locked? Or do I just have to turn back and not go to the top of the mountain?
    Ron Laidlaw

    • Hi Ron,

      I can see where you are coming from with your question, as i have checked the ParksVIC website for an official voice, there is pretty much zero information on the state park (which a few other people have found). If anything, i found a lot more information on other people’s blogs and also the photos of the brochures i took when i visited the area.

      Now i haven’t personally made the hike, but looking at the brochure details I have within the image gallery on https://www.grampianspoint.com.au/attractions/langi-ghiran-state-park/, and based on other people’s experiences hiking to the summit, it appears that the gate is merely there to prevent vehicle access along the unsealed track.

      Looking at a photo someone took at https://bit.ly/36D7rqe of the gate area, it’s really just a horizontal beam that you can easily walk around or go under, and looks to read “Management Vehicles Only”.

      So based on all of this, you should be fine to hike along the trail and the gate will pose no problem.

      Have a great day!


What is the Langi Ghiran State Park address?
Western Highway
(20kms south-east from Ararat), Warrak, VIC

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