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Bayindeen is a small rural town in Victoria, located within the Ararat Rural City Council area.

If you’re looking to go off-the-beaten-track and head to a remote destination, this town is highly recommended.

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One of the best-known attractions here is the Langi Ghiran State Park, which features majestic granite peaks and a sloping forested area. A stroll up the mountain summit will reward you with views of ancient red gum trees, as well as Mount Buangor and the Grampians. Before you visit, keep in mind that the weather can change at any time. Stay on the safe side and read up on the current conditions at Langi Ghiran before your travels.

Bayindeen is also home to the Mount Buangor State Park, which features a stunning variety of terrain including waterfalls, creek flats, eucalyptus forests, and much more. The peak of Mount Buangor is the highest in Bayindeen; if you make it this high, you’ll be treated to breathtaking views of the countryside. Mount Buangor State Park has a 15-kilometre network of hiking trails, some of which take you to the nearby Mount Cole State Forest. Experienced bushwalkers may want to explore the Bukkertillible and Sugarloaf walks; these are rather steep and remote but present a good challenge.

If you enjoy offbeat attractions, you may be interested in visiting the Aradale Asylum. This psychiatric hospital was established in 1867 to care of the intellectually and psychiatrically handicapped until it closed its doors in 1993. It’s still considered an important heritage site to this day, as the Aradale Asylum, as well as a few others, were built to take care of the growing community of what was viewed as “lunatics” back in the day.

If you are looking for a place to stay, you can consider camping, or there are quite a few accommodation options available in Ararat.

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