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Mudadgadjin Walk

Mudadgadjin Walk

The Mudadgadjin Walk is a famous scenic trail within the Black Range State Park.

The Mudadgadjin Shelter is a significant Aboriginal cultural site, and home to many flora and fauna, including kangaroos and wallabies. Birdwatchers also frequent this destination as over a hundred species of birds have been recorded in the area.

Mudadgadjin Walk, Aboriginal Rock Art Shelter, Picnic Area & Caves, VIC

The Mudadgadjin Walk itself is short and relatively easy. It takes you to a rock art shelter, while also treating you to views of incredible caverns in the valley. The park protects the wild bushland, though much of the natural vegetation were cleared for farming. Despite that, it’s a popular destination for bushwalking and offers many other attractions.

A longer walk will take you to the Black Range Picnic Area where you can unwind with a snack and beverages while taking in the views. On the south-eastern side of the park is the Rocklands Reservoir; a well-loved camping, fishing, and boating spot.

If you start your trip early in the morning, you’ll also have sufficient time to trek Flat Rock, located north of the Grampians National Park. The jump-off point for Flat Rock starts at the Mt Zero Carpark. Further along, the rock are Mt Stapylton and the Hollow Mountain Walk – both equally scenic hikes.

Visitors keen to explore the Black Range State Park should keep in mind safety above all. Weather can change within the park at a moment’s notice, so be sure to get information on the local conditions before you go. Additionally, visitors should be bushfire ready at all times in the outdoors.

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