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Silent Street

Silent Street

Silent Street is one of the major highlights of the trek from the Wonderland Carpark to The Pinnacle.

You’ll find it towards the end, as you trek through a high, narrow gorge and from here you’ll see breathtaking vistas of The Pinnacle above you.

Silent Street, Wonderland to Pinnacle Trail, Grampians National Park VIC

During certain days of the year, you might find that it’s rather windy as you near The Pinnacle. Despite that, the quiet air in Silent Street has always been a welcome respite for weary hikers.

Rainy days can bring water flowing through the gorge by the narrow walking track, while the sound of tranquil flowing water creates a surreal atmosphere.

From the Wonderland Carpark, it’s a 1.7 kilometre, moderate walk to Silent Street. The walk to the Pinnacle Lookout takes you past the Grand Canyon, the Cool Chamber, and then the Bridal Veil Falls. Alternatively, if you come from the Sundial Carpark, the walk is 2.3 kilometres long, and it’s easy/moderate. From the Pinnacle Lookout, you can continue to the Wonderland Carpark. Silent Street is just a few minutes away by foot.

There are no entrance charges to go on the trail but do make sure you are wearing the appropriate hiking gear for safety.

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