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Sister Rocks

Sister Rocks

The Sister Rocks are a popular attraction just outside of Stawell on the Western Highway.

The attraction is best known for its collection of massive granite boulders that have been scattered and placed on top of each other.

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Some of the boulders are as high as 5 meters, while the biggest rock here is 8 meters. This attraction gets its name from the group of sisters that once camped here during the famous gold rush of Australia.

But what was once a historical site is now covered in graffiti, though many tourists still come here to take photos and enjoy a picnic amongst the rocks.

People have varying opinions about the presence of graffiti; some believe that the paint enhances the boulders’ beauty while some view the graffiti as a historical record since many of them date back to the 19th century.

Despite the presence of graffiti, the rocks remain to be an important landmark in the area. They are recognised by the local community and the indigenous tribes because of its significance during the early settlement.

Avid climbers and kids also enjoy climbing over and around the large, colourful rocks. Beneath the rocks are a series of stunning chambers, which are great fun to explore.

Getting here requires travelling along an unsealed road, so make sure that you drive carefully. While visiting the Grampians, the Sister Rocks are worth a visit as it gives you something new albeit unusual to discover.

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