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St John The Devine

St John the Divine

St John the Divine is an Anglican church located on Baillie Street in Horsham.

Frequented by the local community, the church has a rich history dating back many decades.

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It all began in with Rev. JM Watson, who was the church’s first resident priest. He started his services working in the Mechanics Institute, and after a year, the vicarage was built for him.

Originally, the church was dedicated by Bishop Samuel Thornton of the new Ballarat Diocese.

St John the Divine underwent some restoration in March 1957. The foundation stone was laid out by Vicar Canon Anthony, while St. Arnaud provided some bricks that were also used for the church’s exterior.

Today, the church is a significant landmark in Horsham. Its tranquil ambience is inviting as you admire the beautiful stained glass windows.

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What are the St John the Divine opening hours?
Sunday Mass: 9:30am
5th Sunday of the Month: 10:30am

Weekday Services
Wed - Fri: 10am

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