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Nati Frinj
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Nati Frinj

The Nati Frinj is a community festival held bi-annually in the small township of Natimuk in the Grampians. The festival is back in 2022 with a huge range of fun exhibitions and events.

The Nati Frinj is a mix of live music, performing and visual arts, exhibitions, workshops, markets and so much more!

Nati Frinj, 2022 Dates & Schedule, Natimuk Festival Grampians, Victoria

People come from all over Victoria for this community festival which has been running since 2000. There will be a range of events scheduled including the following and much, much more:

Werewolves: In this immersive game of accusation, deceit and fun, an intimate room full of strangers are each given a card with their role and pitted against each other as they try to work together to weed out the werewolves and avoid lynching their own.

Abattoir Noir: A wildly entertaining cabaret-style expose of the cruel practices inherent in the meat industry. Based on the testimonies of workers in that industry, shaped into a relentless rhythmic text by author Kenneth MacLeod.

Bee-Sharp Honeybee: An immersive journey through the secret life of bees.. featuring a string orchestra, live projections, and a real-time stream of honeybees.

Real Hot Bitches: Through all that the ’80s have to offer; Lycra, lace, glitter, glory, G-string leotards and voluminous hair, the bitches channel their ‘inner bitch’ and perform epic moves to the classic hits of the ’80s.

Styckx Theatre – Playground: a symphony of sound, a playground of possibility and home of Mr Styckx and his bamboo world, inspiring awe and delight through a series of completely new theatre experiences made by the Natimuk community and Y Space through a process of exploring, experimenting, learning and co-creating together.


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All around Natimuk,; including: Frinj HUB (NC2 across the road from the National Hotel) Court House Lutheran Church Hall Styckx Theatre (Natimuk PS Oval) Natimuk National Hotel The Gin Palace at The Boarding House Soldiers Memorial Hall The Powerhouse Natimuk Graincorp Silos Graincorp Shed, Natimuk, VIC

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