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Horsham Airport

Horsham Airport

Horsham Airport, also known as the Horsham Aerodrome, is also home to important aviation clubs and air medical transfer services.

However, its most significant function is serving as a home to the Horsham Aeromedical Transfer Station. The need to transfer patients via medical aircraft helps save lives.

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The facility is home to two ambulance bays, and services patients not just from Horsham, but from surrounding districts as well. Due to a donation of $20,000 from the Horsham Sports and Community Club, the station’s infrastructure has seen great improvements over the years.

Horsham Airport also caters to pilot training with the Wimmera Aero Club. For anyone interested in learning how to be a professional pilot, the club provides a comprehensive training module and offers restricted private, as well as private licenses. Expert training made affordable with world-class aircraft ensures your success as a pilot.

Horsham has long been known as a top location for flying because it boasts of wide farmlands. This also makes it one of the safest destinations to land and practice flying.

The Horsham Flying Club and Horsham Aerodrome also offer gliding and flying services at the airport.

Other services available here include chartered flights.

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