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Victoria Valley Airport

Victoria Valley Airport

Victoria Valley Airport is located just 15 kilometres from the centre of town and opens up Victoria Valley township to the rest of Australia.

The airport is sometimes referred to as the Victoria Valley Airbase, and it plays a fundamental role in ensuring the safety of locals and foreign travellers to the region.

Victoria Valley Airport, Address & Phone Number, Victoria

The airport is part of the protection plan by the Victorian Government in ensuring that bush fires are controlled as soon as possible. In this regard, the airport at Victoria Valley plays a key role in maintaining water supplies required for such emergencies. Part of the reason for this is that the Victoria Valley township is predisposed to bushfires, making it imperative to make contingency plans for easy evacuation.

Another key feature of Victoria Valley Airport is its ease of access for helicopters. Several helicopter companies offer flight services, both for the corporate and leisure traveller. For this reason, the cost of packages will differ from one company to the another.

Clients who want the best deals can check out online offers to determine the ideal flight package. Alternatively, talking to the various tour agents in Victoria will give insightful leads in this direction. A number of car hire companies are on location close to the airport, making it easy to get transport to and from Victoria Valley Airport.

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