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Crowlands is a small town located along the banks of the Wimmera River in Victoria.

As an agricultural community, it is home to a tiny village, although there are several larger farms scattered throughout the area.

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The Dja Dja Wurrung, also known as the Jarra people, are the traditional landowners. Unfortunately, their population declined dramatically during the gold rush since Europeans converted land for use in mining.

The first European settlers arrived in the 1840s, initially sheep runs and harvesting timber. The historic Woodlands Estate was also erected during this time by WJ Clarke. The original building is preserved and can still be visited today.

Through the years, more people began to arrive in Crowlands and in 1914, the Navarre railway was constructed so that the community could travel to nearby towns.

Today, Crowlands is home to facilities including a community hall, recreation reserve, a few hotels, and a church. The establishment of a historic walking trail in 2012 helped boost local tourism. Visitors also come to sample the many excellent wines on offer at Dogrock Winery.

The Langi Ghiran State Park makes for a great trip from Crowlands, and you can stay a night or two if you decide to camp. For some offbeat or unusual excitement, check out the Aradale Ghost Tours.

If you are looking for a place to stay, there is a number of accommodation options available in Ararat.

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