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Deep Lead

Deep Lead is a town in Victoria that has a rich history, thanks to the fundamental role it played in the gold rush era. The former gold mining town borders Illawarra, and both of them form a rural region that is located a few minutes drive from Stawell.

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The town’s history dates back to the mid-19th century when gold deposits were discovered somewhere between Stawell and Deep Lead. Enthusiastic prospectors rushed to the area and within one year, gold mining had spread across the region. Suffice to say, this is where the town got its name, as ‘Deep Lead’ was descriptive of the gold gravel that spanned the region. In fact, this was one of the region’s richest fields.

Just a few years after discovery, the premium quality of the gold had already been mined, leaving behind Chinese fossickers to explore the area. Fossicking is a term that was used in the country to describe the prospecting of gold by combing through the top soil for loose pieces of gold. During the gold era period, there were schools, hospitals and a railway station located here, however these have since closed.

One of the key attractions near Deep Lead is Lake Lonsdale. This magnificent waterway boasts high water levels all year round, making it ideal for diverse water activities. Deep Lead Flora and Fauna Reserve is also located here. The reserve is a nature conservation site that is home to many species, some of which are endangered. The reserve plays an important role in the conservation of the bio-diverse species located in Victoria. One of the most notable things about the reserve is that it preserves 21 endangered species, three of which are not located anywhere else in the world, thus making this reserve a unique attraction.

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