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The Grampians is not only famous for its majestic mountain ranges and stunning landscape, but also popular for its unique attractions and the picturesque towns located near by. Whether or not you are a nature lover, the Grampians will surely amaze you with an array of activities, attractions and amusement options.

Visitors heading to the Grampians should plan a tour to the nearby Rocklands Reservoir. Popular for its beautiful landscape and camping options, Rocklands is known as a famous outdoor destination.

Rocklands Accommodation, Caravan Park & Camping Vic

Rocklands Reservoir is a part of the Wimmera Mallee irrigation system in the Grampians. The reservoir was built during the 1950’s, the work began with only 600 workers and took almost three years to complete. Today, Rocklands Reservoir is a major local attraction, with a number of families and backpackers often visiting here to enjoy fishing, boating, trails, hiking and picnicking.

Also, enjoy hiking with your family and friends whilst taking the grassy pathways and exploring the region’s best forested area and natural attractions. A number of camping areas are also found within the city limits. Visitors with an interest camping can choose one of the popular campsites nearby to pitch a tent and enjoy a number of outdoor activities with their loved ones.

Rocklands Reservoir also boasts a number of walking tracks that lead you through the scenic pathways and give you the best panoramic views of the region. Visitors can also enjoy one of the many wild flower shows that Rocklands boasts all throughout the year.

At Rocklands Reservoir, you can also enjoy many water activities such as water-skiing, swimming, fishing, boating and sailing. Visitors can enjoy the spectacular scenic views of the surroundings by visiting the many lookouts at the parks, boat ramp, Rocklands Wall and other nearby scenic points.


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