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Goldsworthy Park

Goldsworthy Park

Goldsworthy Park is a beautiful and conveniently located Park in the heart of Nhill.

The playground here is surrounded by fences and features basic structures including a walkway, dual wave slides, chain bridge, swings, and a fireman’s pole.

Goldsworthy Park, Gazebo, BBQ, Playground & Draught Horse, Nhill VIC

Families with children often visit the park for its excellent and safe facilities. It’s also equipped with a gazebo, BBQ, toilets, tap water, seats, and a draught horse statue.

In fact, the draught horse statue is one of its defining features; by pressing a button you can hear all about its history. It also serves as a monument to remind the role that the draught horse played during Australia’s development.

The draught horse memorial in Goldsworthy Park was built in 1966 and was modelled to be an uncanny resemblance of the original draught horse.

Goldsworthy Park is located on the Western Highway in Nhill.

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