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Lake Wyn Wyn

Lake Wyn Wyn

Lake Wyn Wyn is one of Wimmera’s best-kept secrets, a lovely spot to go for a walk and to view some of the natural wildlife that lives here. The simplicity of the lake’s surroundings, coupled with the serenity makes it an idyllic getaway.

Lake Wyn Wyn, Fishing & Wildlife Walking Trails, Grampians Victoria

Lake Wyn Wyn is listed in the Directory of Nationally Important Wetlands in Australia. When full, the lake covers close to 740 hectares, providing more than ample space to explore and discover hidden delights in the reserve. You will see a huge range of wildlife here including the rare Golden Rayed Blue Butterfly, bandicoots, quolls, freckled duck, black cockatoos and Mallee emu-wren.

Some of the amenities available at Lake Wyn Wyn include ample parking space on location and picnic spots. Note that there are no shops around, so you may want to carry your own snacks or homemade meals. Visitors are advised to take out their rubbish to avoid littering the lake, as there are no bins located here, nor are their toilets.

Other attractions near the Lake Wyn Wyn Reserve include Olivers Lake, Mitre Rock and Lake Natimuk. The Mount Arapiles-Tooan State Park is also worth checking out for outdoor lovers looking to experience the most of what Natimuk has to offer.

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