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St Arnaud Racecourse

St Arnaud Racecourse

The St Arnaud Racecourse is a small, yet importance racecourse in Victoria. It is home to the Wimmera Racing Club, which hosts two meetings a year.

Just like in other parts of Victoria, horseracing is an important community event in St Arnaud and goes back to October 1867.

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The first official meeting of the town took place in March 1867, and their long history of thoroughbred racing is evident in the people’s passion for the sport.

The racecourse features a 1,600-metre long track and a 400-meter long home straight, which is ideal for giving all horses an equal chance at winning. It has a gentle upslope located on the back straight while the home straight has an equal downslope. The track uses clay-based soil, and the track is also irrigated.

St Arnaud Racecourse is centrally located, which helps ensure its popularity as a premier racing venue for trainers and country owners.

The most important event of the year is the St Arnaud Cup Day, taking place in late October. Everyone is invited to join in the racing fun; the event is catered, features bar facilities, and great music for all to enjoy.

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