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5 Epic Must-Try Activities When Visiting The Grampians

Are you looking forward to spending a holiday with friends and family, or do you plan on going on a solo trip around Victoria but don’t know where to go and what to do? Then today is your lucky day! Why? Because you’re about to discover some of the best activities you can do in this beautiful archipelago.

Check out our epic list of must-try activities when visiting the Grampians.

Go Rock-Climbing at the Grampians National Park and Mount Arapiles

5 Epic Must-try Activities When Visiting The Grampians

If you’re in for an extreme adventure, then you might want to try rock climbing! It doesn’t matter if you’re an expert rock climber looking for an experience or a first-timer who’s looking for something new and exciting. There are tours offered to match your skills, so you’re sure to be safe throughout the climb.

Get to enjoy the breathtaking scenery; showcasing birds and wildflowers while the spectacular view of the region is on full display.

Play Golf at the Grampians

5 Epic Must-try Activities When Visiting The Grampians

Do you love golf or wants to learn how to play this sport? Then head over to the Grampians Adventure Golf located at Halls Gap. As the home of one of the best mini-golf courses in Australia, you will surely enjoy your time playing golf on a stunning garden that is over one hectare in size.

If you want to go that extra mile, forget your putter! You can always buy some clubs and balls at a golf shop if you do fail to bring yours. Can’t get enough golf? Then you need to visit another mini-golf course – the Stone Forest Adventure in Horsham.

Go Horse-Riding at Halls Gap

5 Epic Must-try Activities When Visiting The Grampians

Love horses? Then you definitely need to try out the horse riding tours available at the Grampians. There’s no need for intermediate know-how when it comes to riding a horse, as you’ll get a briefing and basic training before going on a ride.

Your dedicated tour guide will also brief you on the colourful culture and history of the region while giving you useful tips to make your ride easier and more enjoyable.

Go on a Ghost Tour at the J Ward Museum Complex

5 Epic Must-try Activities When Visiting The Grampians

If you’re looking for a unique experience, then you have got to try a walking tour of a prison/asylum. That’s right! Near the Grampians, there is an eerie tour on offer where you get to learn about the dark history of the J Ward Museum Complex.

A friendly guide will be with you all the way making sure you are safe, fed with knowledge and your curiosity is satisfied once the tour is over.

Chill at the Horsham Cinema

5 Epic Must-try Activities When Visiting The Grampians
Sourced from: Hamilton Cinema Facebook Page

When you’re tired of all the exciting adventures or wants to pause for a while, you can head over to Horsham and watch the latest movie releases at the Horsham Cinema. Munch on delicious treats while enjoying popcorn, ice creams and other yummy snacks – all served and sold at the candy bar.

There you have it! This list may be a short one, but you can never go wrong with any of the excellent activities waiting for you at The Grampians. Mark your calendars, check off your bucket list and head over to the Grampians for the ultimate vacation this year!

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